Privatization of ‪Pakistan‬’s Power Sector is Crushing the People

While Karachi Electric profits continue to increase – There is more bad news for the citizens of Karachi as they brave the deadly heatwave that has struck the city. After the Sindh High Court vacated a stay order on power tariff, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority increased power tariffs by between 20 to 80 percent for all Karachi consumers using over 300 units per unit. The increase in tariff ranges between Rs2 and Rs4 per unit.”
KE has also been accused of making Rs361 billion without sharing the benefits with consumers… With consumers facing a greater burden, do the increased tariffs guarantee uninterrupted supply of electricity? The reality is that the tariff increase does not offer a solution to the country’s power woes, whose seriousness has once again been confirmed by the Karachi heatwave.

The government is responsible for Pakistan’s electricity crisis. The present capitalist system ensures that through privatization a few private owners, foreign and local, fully benefit from electricity resources whilst the public faces hardship. Privatization raises electricity prices so that the private owners can profit in their business.
Khilafah State will end the capitalist economy and establish an Islamic one. As a system Islam ensures the distribution of wealth and one of its mechanisms is the public ownership of electricity resources as well as coal, oil and gas. As such these resources are neither owned by the state nor individuals. Instead, the state administers this resource to ensure that its benefit is used for all the citizens, regardless of race, color, school of thought and religion. The Khilafah will abolish taxes upon power and fuel which have further greatly inflated their prices. Islam’s electricity policy will contribute to a massive industrialization of Pakistan, supervised by the Khilafah.

Central Contact Committee – Hizb ut-Tahrir WIlayah Pakistan

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