Book of Fasting: As-Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)

This is from the draft translation of الجامع لأحكام الصيام ‘Al-Jami li Ahkam as-Siyam’ (A complete guide of the rules of fasting) by Sheikh Abu Iyas Mahmoud bin Abdul Latif al-Uweida, please note this is a draft translation so please overlook errors.  As-Suhoor: The merits of As-Suhoor (pre-dawn food): The following Ahaadeeth have been reported in relation to the merits of Suhoor: 1) Anas bin … Continue reading Book of Fasting: As-Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)

Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh & Its Number

Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh has been named with this name because the worshippers take a break after each four Rak’ah so they take a Tarweehah (break) and the plural is Taraaweeh. This Salaah is a form of Qiyaam-ul-Layl (night prayer) except it has been specified in the month of Ramadhaan so it represents Qiyaam-ul-Layl in Ramadhaan. The Hukm (ruling) for this prayer is that it is Mandoob and … Continue reading Salaat-ut-Taraaweeh & Its Number