NATO is a Crusader Coalition

“During the Trident Javelin 2017 NATO table top exercise that is being conducted in Norway at the joint warfare Centre, the picture of a statute of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our great leader and the founder of our Republic was shown among the leaders of the fictitious adversary countries. Moreover, through a fake account created within the closed-circuit exercise messaging system, using the name of our President, Turkey was tried to be portrayed as cooperating with hostile counties. We find this regrettable, unethical and unacceptable.” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Immediately after the incident Turkey withdrew its soldiers, while the incident was condemned through diplomatic ways. NATO apologized.


Turkey is the only country with a Muslim population admitted to this crusader alliance founded by the USA and other kuffar Western states. NATO was founded in 1949; and Turkey became its member in 1952, after the then-prime minister Adnan Menderes sent a brigade to the Korean War upon the call of the UN, where 741 soldiers lost their lives and more than 2,000 were wounded. NATO actively took part in the killing of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Middle East, and Africa and most recently in Libya… Apart from the Korean War; Turkey contributed to the ISAF in Afghanistan, the peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, and gave military support in other regions. And lastly it supported NATO’s air strikes on Libya over the Mediterranean by opening its airbase in Izmir.

NATO’s bloody history is the biggest evidence revealing that this evil alliance is a crusader alliance. So why does Turkey not withdraw its soldiers serving the NATO in other countries, like it withdrew them after this incident? Will those known 28 military areas, with Incirlik, Afyon, and Izmir on top, and much more unknown military areas continue to remain the centres of instigation of this evil alliance? Why are the bases and ports of these occupation forces not shut down?

NATO’s aim is the destruction of Islam. This very aim was expressed by the then UK Prime Minister Thatcher at a NATO summit in 1990 with the following words: “The Soviet Union collapsed. We have no enemy anymore. But no ideology can survive without an enemy. We have to find a new enemy. There is no need to search for it. Our new enemy is Islam.” Again in December 2015 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement; “…We cannot carry on this struggle for them (the Muslims)”, reveals once again that this alliance is based upon religion, and that although they use the Muslim lands as their bases, they will never take a positive step for the Muslims.

So then O leaders! Why don’t you show the same reaction you showed when it was yourselves and your leaders on the target, when it is Islam that is on the target board? Do you regard yourselves and those you esteem as leaders as more precious than Islam? Could you not see the cruelty, and massacres on thousands of people, and the destruction of cities conducted throughout more than 60 years by the NATO, despite your joint actions with them? And if yes, why did you take joint actions with them? Will you continue to be part of this evil alliance? These soils were conquered with the blood of the Muslims. How much longer will you keep your bases open to this evil alliance? Will you continue to spend the exorbitant taxes you collect from the needy people for NATO expenses? Remember that our Lord warns not to incline towards those who do evil, lest you be touched by the fire! Then will you not reason? So repent, leave the NATO, the UN and all evil alliances and work to unite the whole Ummah under the Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate), as Allah wishes.



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